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Any woman carrying a USGA handicap issued by Southern Nevada Golf Association shall be an associate member of Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association. Visit our How to Join page for more information.


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Check out our Calendar and Events page to find out what events are approaching.  Our events page includes registration information and much more.


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About Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association

Our Mission
The Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association (WSNGA) is a voluntary non-profit organization founded to represent, promote, and serve the best interests of women's golf in Southern Nevada. The organization is the official representative of the AGA in Southern Nevada.

Board Members for 2018

President: Sherry Jackson
Vice President: Karen Herness
Secretary: Monica Kaili
Treasurer: Jackie Pierson
Tournament Chair: Monica Fairbanks
NSWGA Delegate 1: Sherry Jackson; Delegate 2: Beth Steele

Who We Serve

The WSNGA is presently made up of 25 member clubs with over 2,900 members who have established USGA handicaps through one of our participating clubs.


The WSNGA services its members by providing:

  • Tournament Schedule. Arranges and compiles a yearly tournament schedule open to WSNGA members. Both at the local and state amateur level.
  • Officer Handbook. Publishes (due to limited funding) a handbook for each clubs yearly officers containing a schedule of events and other important WSNGA information.
  • The WSNGA provides personnel for rules, starting, and scoring, if needed.
  • Coordinates Team Play competition among participating clubs.
  • Media. Provides results of tournaments to area newspapers and magazines that are of interest to Women Southern Nevada Golfers.

How To Join

Any woman carrying a Handicap Index issued by Southern Nevada Golf Association shall be an associate member of Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association.  Find out more information about the different types of membership with the WSNGA by visiting How To Join.

WSNGA Bylaws

Why was Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association founded? How did the organization develop and how is it still developing? Read our Bylaws.

Board Members

Who is behind Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association? Who are its leaders? Take a peek behind the scenes. Meet our Board Members.

Administrative Information

The WSNGA provides its visitors with a wide variety of information about their policies and procedures as well an archive of the Associations financial statements and meeting minutes.  Click this link to read about the Administration Information.

Meeting Minutes